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Alison Foshee

Alison Foshee was born in San Diego, CA in 1969.  In 1995, she received an MFA in printmaking from the San Francisco Art Institute.  Fascinated with the concept of multiples and repeated imagery, she transitioned from pulling print editions to building images from nontraditional materials through the use of patterning. Known per-dominantly for her work with staples and office labels, Foshee creates dichotomies between man-made objects and natural forms to reveal the hidden metaphors in the functional origins of everyday materials.  In this manner, her work contributes to the canon of creative re-use. With exhibitions in Los Angeles, Tokyo, New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Houston and Seattle, her work appears in publications such as Art in America, Sculpture Magazine, The Los Angeles Times and Art Week.  Foshee currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon.