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Kirista Trask

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Kirista Trask translates subtle moments and landscapes into swirling abstraction, blending saturated, opaque colors with translucent washes to evoke moment as an emotional experience. Her work is created using a variety of materials, including acrylic, ink, charcoal, pencil, oil pastel, chalk and coffee, in order to react to the spirit of the location at the moment. Her best work is done plein air style in stunning locations all over Oregon and anywhere an airplane will take her.

In Kirista’s most recent series she tackles the task of documenting the magic and glory of The Seven Wonders of Oregon. Starting with Crater Lake in 2016 Kirista and her partner began to visit each of the Wonders. Through her
exploration of the physical beauty Kirista has also included numerical annotations specific to each of the wonders. For example, On Mt Hood includes the longitude and latitude of where she got married and Engaged At Crater Lake includes the depth of Crater Lakes deepest parts. Each of these numbers are unique not only to the Wonder but also to the experience the artist specifically had.

For her most current work you can find her on Instagram @kiristatrask, for more detailed inquires you can find her on the internet at, or email her at Kirista loves to take commissions and
work with small businesses to create custom suites of work that engage the space.